Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why Girls Need To Make The First Move

Guys aren't difficult to understand. Sorry, was that a generalized statement? Let me rephrase, guys are like that time you were in middle school and you had to change in front of people for the first time. At first you weren't sure what was going on and your training bra was so unnecessary. But eventually you got into the routine and realized that everyone had weird boobs. Sure, guys have Christian Grey mystery at first but once you discover their intentions, you can begin to understand why some of them love to listen to morning talk shows on the way to work, prefer lesser-known coffee shops, are annoyed by bad grammar, or those who are afraid of the moon (selenophobia) etc...

Guys deal with a lot too. They have the stress of making the first move every time. Ladies, don't rely on him. Hitting on guys is awesome; it says you're confident and adventurous. What's the worst thing that could possibly happen? (Aside from walking up to him after getting the pool chalk under your nose and looking like Hitler Smurf.) Other than being bold and sexy, taking the control away from the guy means you can steer this conversation. Maybe start off with, "Hey, I'm (llama) and I saw you over here. Thought you could use a drink... I'm a whiskey girl myself." Then he'll give you the green light to get your quirky flirt on. (Guys love quirky, I think it reminds them of that weird girl in high school who showed up to class looking as if the 80's came back to haunt everyone. (Psstt.. I WAS THAT GIRL.) And guys like the change up from always buying the drink. It says you're an adult and a considerate one at that.

Once you (the girl) have taken initiative, the ball is in your court. Unless you're the Charlotte Bobcats, then that ball is better left drifting like Wilson in Castaway. That scene gets me, EVERY TIME. So, now that the guy is intrigued, check the temperature in the room. Is it going well? Is he more interested in you than his buddies' shuffle board trash talk? Does he have a decent trash talk back ability? If all signs point to Good Time Avenue then why not make the next move? Ladies, you're not being easy or too available. Yes, leave a little to the imagination and keep it classy like your Momma taught you but don't underestimate yourself. Also, keep in mind, guys love the chase just as much as women do. Just because you have the confidence to walk up to him does not imply you require no effort. Let's just see if he can keep up.

And if he isn't feeling all your good vibes (some guys are idiots, for example guys who take "selfies") then toss your pretty hair to one side, smile and say, "Have a great night" because no one will stop you from having yours.